New Life on the Farm

During the months since the puppies were born, we have added some new life to the farm.  In May we purchased five one-year old Khaki Campbell hens and a one-year old Rouen drake.  We have named them Daisy, Della, Doris, Daffy, Dawn and Duke.  At that time we also purchased three turkey poults who were 12 weeks old.  They are a lovely heritage mix of Royal Palm and Narangasett.  We have named the tom Samson and the two hens are Delilah and Rebekah.  We also purchased three week old Emden gosling, one is a gander named Romeo and the goose is Juliet.  And, two weeks after that, over Memorial Day weekend we welcomed two year old sisters, Tilly and Bree, lovely Nigerian Dwarf/Mini Nubian cross goats.  

And, two of our hens went broody and hatched out a combined total of six chicks, so we now have two roosters and twelve laying hens.