This is Dexter, our breeding male.  He was born in March of 2015 and came to live with us on the farm in May of 2015.  He is extremely alert and diligent in his guarding duties.  Fiercely independent, he takes his cues from his humans, but definitely has a mind of his own. He was our first livestock guardian dog dog and it has been delightful to learn about this breed firsthand.  We are very eager to see how his temperament translates to his puppies.

Dexter was purchased from a breeder located in Sequim, Washington who owns and operates a large meat goat ranch.  He is a pure bred Kangal Shepherd.  He stands 31" at the shoulder, 39" to the top of the head and is 71" long from tip of nose to tail.  He currently weighs 115 lbs.

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    Maple Valley, Washington