Puppies and Their New Homes

I try very hard to walk the line between keeping up with all of the puppies and their new homes and situations and not being too much of a pest to the new families!  I hope I have succeeded thus far.  I guess the biggest thing for me is two-fold: I want to make sure that the new families know they can always reach out to me for help, questions, support and sharing; and I want to know that each puppy is happy, loved and fulfilled.

I feel very pleased that each puppy picked an owner and family that will give them their best chance at an amazing life.  I am thrilled when they share photos and antidotes about things going on in life and we compare notes about what their pups are doing and how Riddick and Shep are doing.

One of the males and one of the females went to a great family with lots of land to roam in Wasilla, Alaska.  They have been given the names Berk, which means strong, and Ayla which means moonlight.  

Another male, who is now known as Judge, went to a great family with a small farm in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Another male, now going by the name of Kaika, is hard at work in Sandy, Oregon.

One female, going by the name of Bonnie, is working on a goat farm in Granite Falls, Washington.

Another female went to a former horse owner located outside of Issaquah, Washington and has the lovely epithet of Honey Bee.

Two females went to a working farm in Duvall, Washington with all kinds of critters to guard.

And, then, of course, we kept Riddick and Shep, who are currently guarding here in Maple Valley, Washington.  Below are some pictures that have been shared with me of the pups in their new homes.  ***Riddick and Shep have since been re-homed to new farms in Northern Washington and are doing amazing.